C File Extensions

File Extension File Type Popularity
.C C/C++ Source Code File 4.6
.C Lite-C Script 4.2
.C00 WinAce Split Archive File 4.4
.C01 WinAce Split Archive Part 1 File 4
.C01 Typhoon Wave Audio File 3.5
.C2R Windows Media Center Click-To-Record File 4.5
.C32 Syslinux COM32 Module 4.3
.C3D Coordinate 3D File 4
.C4 JEDMICS Image File 3.3
.C4D Cinema 4D Model File 4.7
.C4P CrossOver Software Installer File 4.5
.CAA CleanApp Archive 4
.CAB Windows Cabinet File 4.5
.CACHE Cache File 4.5
.CAD BobCAD-CAM File 4.6
.CADC Corpatla Data Container File 4
.CADOC Clicker App Document 3.5
.CAF Core Audio File 4.3
.CAF Class Action Gradebook File 4.2
.CAF CryENGINE Character Animation File 4.1
.CAF Cal3D Binary Animation File 3.6
.CAFF Core Audio File 4
.CAJ Chinese Academic Journal File 4
.CAL 3ds Max Pose Adjustment File 4.3
.CAL CALS Raster Graphic 4
.CAL CryENGINE Character Animation List 3.5
.CAL Calendar File 3.5
.CALCA Calca Document 3.5
.CALIBRE Calibre Device Data File 3.5
.CAM Gerber CAM Job File 4.2
.CAM CASIO Digital Camera Picture File 3.7
.CAMM Espresso Mind Map Document 3.2
.CAMP WCS Color Appearance Model Profile File 4
.CAMPROJ Camtasia Studio Project 4.4
.CAMREC Camtasia Studio Screen Recording 4.2
.CAN Canon Navigator Fax Document 4
.CAP Packet Capture File 4.2
.CAP Construct Game Development File 3.9
.CAP ASUS BIOS Update File 3.5
.CAPROJ Construct Project File 4.5
.CAPT Capito Data File 4.5
.CAPX Capella CapXML File 4.6
.CAPX Construct Compressed Project File 4.5
.CAR Car Explorer Data File 4.4
.CAR CAR Archive 3.6
.CAR Brew Component Application Resource File 3.5
.CAR Gary Gadget Car File 3.2
.CARC Nintendo DS Compressed Archive File 4.2
.CAS Autodesk Cascade License File 4
.CAS Total War Model File 4
.CAT Windows Catalog File 4.4
.CAT Advanced Disk Catalog Database 4.2
.CAT4D Cinema 4D Catalog 3.5
.CATPRODUCT CATIA V5 Assembly File 4.5
.CAV Comodo Virus Definitions File 4.2
.CAWR Espresso workreport Document 3.5
.CB7 Comic Book 7-Zip Archive 4.2
.CBA CryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File 3.5
.CBA Comic Book ACE Archive 3.5
.CBC Comic Book Collection 4.2
.CBDS Comic Book DS File 4
.CBF Calendar Builder File 4.5
.CBF ChessBase Game Information File 3.5
.CBG ChessBase Game Moves File 4.7
.CBG CyberGauge Data File 3.5
.CBH ChessBase Database Header File 4.3
.CBL COBOL Source Code File 3.8
.CBMAP Containment Breach Map File 4
.CBOARD Final Cut Pro Color Board Preset 3.5
.CBP Code::Blocks Project File 4.2
.CBR Comic Book RAR Archive 4.5
.CBS Code Breaker PS2 Save File 4.5
.CBS Comodo Backup Script 3.6
.CBT Comic Book TAR File 4.5
.CBT Computer Based Training File 3.8
.CBU Comodo Backup File 4.5
.CBV ChessBase Database File 4.2
.CBXML CodeBox Library 3.5
.CBZ Comic Book Zip Archive 4.7
.CBZ ChessBase Encrypted Database Archive 4
.CC C++ Source Code File 4.4
.CCA Multimedia Fusion File 3.8
.CCA cc:Mail Archive File 3.8
.CCB CopperCube 3D Scene 4.5
.CCBJS CopperCube JavaScript File 3.5
.CCC Dev-C++ Code Completion Cache 3.8
.CCD CloneCD Disc Image 4.5
.CCF CryptLoad Container File 3.8
.CCGAME XNA Creators Club Game Package 4
.CCH .NET Security Resolution Cache File 3.8
.CCH Corel Chart File 3.6
.CCIP Curse Client Install Package 4.5
.CCLD Construction Clouds Data File 4
.CCN Compressed Multimedia Fusion File 4
.CCP CopperCube JavaScript File 4.7
.CCP CodeCharge Studio Page File 4
.CCP RIB Import Converter Profile 3.5
.CCS CodeCharge Studio Project File 4
.CCS CCS Script File 3.5
.CD Visual Studio Class Diagram 4.7
.CD CD-i OptImage 3
.CD2 Click'N Design 3D File 4
.CD5 Chasys Draw Image File 4
.CDA CD Audio Track Shortcut 4.4
.CDB Symbian Phonebook Database 4.6
.CDB CardScan Contacts Database 4.3
.CDB Pocket Access Database 4
.CDD ConceptDraw PRO Document 4.5
.CDDA CD Digital Audio File 4.3
.CDDX Circuit Diagram Document 4.2
.CDDZ ConceptDraw PRO Document 4.2
.CDF Computable Document Format File 4.3
.CDF CryENGINE Character Definition File 4.2
.CDF Common Data Format 4.2
.CDF Affymetrix Chip Definition File 3.6
.CDF NetCDF Format File 3.6
.CDF Content Definition File 3.6
.CDF Nominal Small Business Accounting Company Data File 3.6
.CDF Channel Definition Format 3.5
.CDF-MS ClickOnce Compiled Manifest File 3.8
.CDG Compact Disc Plus Graphics Image 4.2
.CDI INTEX Output File 4.7
.CDI DiscJuggler Disc Image 4.4
.CDL CADKEY Wireframe Design File 4.5
.CDL ConceptDraw PRO Library File 3.5
.CDLX Audition CD Layout File 4
.CDLX ConceptDraw PRO XML Library File 3.5
.CDML Creately Diagram File 4
.CDMM ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document 3.6
.CDMT ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template 4
.CDMTZ Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Template 4
.CDMZ Compressed ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document 4
.CDO Crescendo Music Notation File 4.5
.CDOC Clicker Document 3.5
.CDP CD/Spectrum Pro File 4.5
.CDP Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack 4.4
.CDP ConceptDraw PROJECT File 3.5
.CDP2 Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2 4
.CDPZ ConceptDraw PROJECT Document 4.4
.CDR CorelDRAW Image File 4.3
.CDR Macintosh DVD/CD Master 4.2
.CDR Raw Audio CD Data 4.2
.CDR Crash Data Retrieval Data File 3.7
.CDS ConceptDraw SlideShow 3.8
.CDSX ConceptDraw PRO XML SlideShow File 3.5
.CDT CD-Text File 4.5
.CDT CorelDRAW Image Template 4.2
.CDT ConceptDraw PRO Template 3.5
.CDTX ConceptDraw PRO XML Template 3.5
.CDW KOMPAS Document 4.2
.CDX Compound Index File 4.6
.CDX CorelDRAW Compressed File 3.9
.CDX ChemDraw Exchange File 3.8
.CDX ConceptDraw PRO XML Document 3.5
.CDX Alpha Five Table Index File 3
.CDXML ChemDraw XML File 4
.CDXML Cmdlet Definition XML File 3.5
.CDZ Compressed CD Image File 4.2
.CEB Apabi eBook File 4.1
.CED JVC Camera Video Data File 4.1
.CEF Class Action Gradebook Elementary File 4.2
.CEF CenturionMail Encrypted Package 4
.CEL Affymetrix Probe Results File 4.7
.CEL Celestia Script File 4.5
.CEL Audition Loop 4
.CEL Battery 3 Drum Cell File 3.5
.CEL MicroStation Cell Library 3.2
.CEL FLIC Animation 3
.CELTX Celtx Project File 4.1
.CELX Celestia Script 4.6
.CENON Cenon Project 3.5
.CENON~ Cenon Backup File 3.5
.CER Internet Security Certificate 4.5
.CERTSIGNINGREQUEST Apple Developer Signing Certificate Request File 3.8
.CEX SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File 4.7
.CF2 Common File Format File 4.2
.CFA Adobe Conformed Audio File 3.4
.CFC ColdFusion Component File 4
.CFG Configuration File 4.5
.CFG Cal3D Model Configuration File 4.5
.CFG MAME Configuration File 4.5
.CFG LightWave Configuration File 4.5
.CFG Celestia Configuration File 4.5
.CFG Citrix Server Connection File 4.4
.CFG Wesnoth Markup Language File 4.3
.CFL IMVU Product File 4.7
.CFM ColdFusion Markup File 4.1
.CFS Lucene Compound Index File 4.2
.CFS CFS Console File 4
.CFS Compact File Set Archive 4
.CG Cg Program 4.5
.CG3 Cabri 3D Document 4
.CGA Crytek Geometry Animation File 3.8
.CGF Crytek Geometry Format File 4
.CGFX CgFX Shader File 4.6
.CGI Common Gateway Interface Script 4.4
.CGM Computer Graphics Metafile 3.6
.CGP PixelCryptor Encrypted File 4.2
.CGR CATIA Graphical Representation File 4.5
.CGR Quest3D Channel Group File 3.2
.CGRP Pro Tools Clip Group File 4.2
.CGZ Cube Map File 4.7
.CGZ Linux Drivers Archive 4
.CHA IRC Chat Configuration File 4
.CHA Character Layout File 3.5
.CHA Photoshop Channel Mixture 3.5
.CHARSET Character Set 4
.CHART Feedback Chart File 3.2
.CHAT IRC Chat Configuration File 4.2
.CHC HCFR Colormeter Data File 3.5
.CHD MAME Hard Disk Image 4.2
.CHK InterCheck Checksum Database 4.5
.CHK Saved File Fragment 4.5
.CHK StarCraft Chunk File 4.3
.CHK Netgear Router Firmware File 4.2
.CHKSPLIT Archiver Split Checksum File 3.5
.CHL WinFast PVR2 Channel List 4.5
.CHM Compiled HTML Help File 4.5
.CHML Chameleon Encrypted Database File 3.5
.CHORD Song Chords File 3.5
.CHR CryENGINE Character File 4.5
.CHR 3ds Max Characters File 4.2
.CHR Borland Character Set File 3.8
.CHRPARAMS CryENGINE Character Parameters File 4
.CHUNK001 File Splitter Split Archive Part 1 3.5
.CHW Compiled Help Index File 4.6
.CHX AutoCAD Standards Check File 4
.CIA CTR Importable Archive 3.5
.CIB Luminaire Data File 4.6
.CIDB iTunes CD Information File 4
.CIF Easy CD Creator Disk Image 4.3
.CIF Crystallographic Information File 3.9
.CIL Clip Gallery Packaged File 4
.CIN Kodak Cineon Bitmap File 3.9
.CINE Phantom Digital Video File 3.6
.CIP Cavena Subtitles File 4
.CIRC Logisim Circuit File 4
.CISO Compact ISO File 4
.CIT Intergraph Bitmap Image File 4
.CIV5MAP Civilization 5 Map 3.9
.CIV5MOD Civilization 5 Mod File 4.4
.CIV5SAVE Civilization 5 Saved Game 4.2
.CIV5SLN Civilization 5 Solution File 3.5
.CK9 Cook'n Cookbook Backup File 3.5
.CKB Cricket Audio Bank File 4
.CKBX Cricket Audio XML Bank Description File 3.5
.CKD Kubotek Design Container 3.8
.CKF Casio Keyboard File 3.5
.CKP SQL Server Checkpoint File 4
.CKT CircuitMaker File 4.6
.CL2ARC Comic Life 2 Document Archive 4.5
.CL2DOC Comic Life 2 Document 3.2
.CL2LYT Comic Life 2 Layout File 3.5
.CL2TPL Comic Life 2 Template 3.5
.CL5 Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project 4
.CLARIFY Clarify Document 3.5
.CLASS Java Class File 4.7
.CLASSLIST SMART Notebook Class List File 4
.CLB COM+ Catalog File 4.6
.CLB ICQ Contact List 4
.CLD Canon CD Label Template 4.4
.CLD ClamAV Virus Definitions File 4
.CLEO CLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File 4.7
.CLG Windows Catalog File 4.6
.CLG Collage Maker Project File 4
.CLI Grand Theft Auto Clip Data File 4.2
.CLIP Grand Theft Auto 5 Clip 4.6
.CLIP Clip Studio Format File 4.5
.CLIPS Coda Clips File 4
.CLK Corel R.A.V.E Project File 4.2
.CLK ClickView Video File 3.2
.CLKB Clicker Books File 4
.CLKBD Clicker Board Set 3.5
.CLKC Clicker Connect Set File 4
.CLKD Clicker Docs File 4
.CLKK Clicker Keyboard 4
.CLKM Clicker Matching Set File 4
.CLKP Clicker Object Palette File 3.5
.CLKS Clicker Sentences File 4
.CLKT Clicker Template 3.5
.CLKTK Clicker Talk Set File 4
.CLKV Clicker Communicator Vocabulary Set File 4
.CLKW Clicker Word Bank 4
.CLKX Clicker Grid Set 4
.CLM MagicJack Call Log File 4
.CLM GenePattern CEL Descriptor File 3
.CLP CrazyTalk Clip File 4.5
.CLP Finale Clip File 4
.CLP Windows Clipboard File 3.8
.CLPI Blu-ray Clip Information File 4.2
.CLR Flash Color Set 4
.CLR CryptLoad Router Information File 4
.CLR Vue Color Maps File 3.5
.CLS LaTeX Document Class File 4.5
.CLS Program Class File 4.2
.CLT Clarity Legal Transcript File 4.5
.CLT VisualBoyAdvance Cheat List File 3.5
.CLW Visual C++ ClassWizard File 4
.CLX Standard Dictionary File 3.8
.CLX Ceelox SecureMail Secure Message 3.5
.CM CLEO Custom Mission 4.4
.CM Cable Modem Configuration File 4
.CM10 CaseMap 10 Case File 4
.CM2 Poser Camera Set File 4.2
.CM5 Clone Manager File 4
.CMA Coach Activity File 4.8
.CMA TM1 Exported Cube File 3.6
.CMA OCaml Library 3.5
.CMAKE CMake File 3.5
.CMAP CmapTools Concept Map File 4.7
.CMATE ControllerMate File 4
.CMBL Logger Pro Data File 4
.CMD Windows Command File 4.7
.CMD M.U.G.E.N. Character Commands File 4.6
.CMF Cal3D Binary Mesh File 4.4
.CMF Creative Music Format 4
.CMF Connected Backup File 3.6
.CML Chemical Markup Language File 4.3
.CML CryptoMailer Encrypted File 4
.CML Crazy Machines Lab File 3
.CMMP Camtasia MenuMaker Project 3.8
.CMMTPL Camtasia MenuMaker Template 4
.CMOD Celestia Model 4.2
.CMP Windows Connection Manager Profile 4.7
.CMP HotDocs Clause Component File 4.4
.CMP Solid Edge Wire Harness File 3.5
.CMP Generic CADD Component File 3
.CMPROJ Camtasia Project File 3.5
.CMR Coach Results File 3.5
.CMREC Camtasia Recording 3.8
.CMV CorelMOVE Animation 3.5
.CMX Corel Metafile Exchange Image File 4.2
.CMZ Compressed Poser Camera Set File 4
.CNA Catena Project File 4
.CNC CNC Machine Tool Path 4
.CNC PartMaster CNC File 4
.CND Melco Condensed Embroidery File 3.6
.CNDX Avery DesignPro for Mac Label File 3.5
.CNF MySQL Configuration File 4.8
.CNF Telnet Configuration File 4.3
.CNG CryptoNG Encrypted Archive 4
.CNM NoteMap Outline File 3.6
.CNT Help Contents File 4.5
.COB COBOL Source Code File 4
.COD Compiled Source Code 4.7
.COD Atlantis Word Processor Encrypted Document 4
.CODAPLUGIN Coda Plug-in 4.2
.CODASITE Coda Site File 4.5
.COFFEE CoffeeScript JavaScript File 4.4
.COL Capture One Session File 4.7
.COL Grand Theft Auto Collision File 4.5
.COLORPICKER Color Picker Plugin 3.5
.COLOURSCHEME Speedy Browser Colour Scheme File 3.5
.COLZ Adobe Collage File 4
.COM DOS Command File 4.5
.COMICDOC Comic Life Document 4.4
.COMICLIFE Comic Life Document 4
.COMMAND Terminal Command File 4.4
.COMP Fusion Composition File 3.5
.COMPILED Compiled Game Resource File 4.7
.COMPONENT Mac OS X System Component 4.2
.COMPOSITEFONT Windows Composite Font File 4.2
.COMPOSITIONMODEL Invantive Composition Data Model File 3.5
.COMPOSITIONTEMPLATE Invantive Composition Template 4.5
.COMPPKG_HAUPTWERK_RAR Hauptwerk Component Package 3.5
.COMPPKG.HAUPTWERK.RAR Hauptwerk Component Package 4
.CON Battlefield 1942 Configuration File 4.5
.CON Concept Application Source File 4.3
.CONF Unix Configuration File 4.5
.CONF Generic Configuration File 4.2
.CONFIG Configuration File 4.5
.CONFIGPROFILE Apple Configuration Profile 4
.CONFORM Conformalizer Change List File 4
.CONSIS Sciral Consistency Document 4
.CONTACT Windows Contact File 4.6
.CONTOUR Contour Screenplay File 4.3
.COPRESET Capture One Preset File 4.5
.COPY Sony Ericsson Protected Content File 4.4
.COR Trimble Corrected SSF File 3.3
.COR CorelDRAW Drawing 3.2
.COS Capture One Settings File 4.5
.COS Creatures CAOS File 3.2
.COSTYLE Capture One Style File 4
.COV Fax Cover Page File 3.9
.CP Captivate Source File 4.7
.CP Xcode C++ Source File 4.5
.CP3 Grand Prix 3 Cockpit Shape File 4
.CP9 ChoicePoint Encrypted File 4
.CPA CADSTAR PCB Archive File 4
.CPAA Captivate Shared Action File 4
.CPBITMAP iOS Wallpaper Image 3.2
.CPC CPC Compressed Image File 3.5
.CPD RoboHelp Cache Project Database 4
.CPD Compressed PhotoDefiner Image File 3.8
.CPE Fax Cover Page File 4
.CPF Cognos Project File 4.2
.CPF Cab Provisioning Format File 3.5
.CPG ESRI Code Page File 4.3
.CPG Manga Studio Page File 4
.CPG StarCraft Campaign File 3.5
.CPG Cool Page Project File 3.2
.CPGZ Compressed CPIO Archive 4.2
.CPH Corel Print House File 4
.CPHD CloudChan Pre-processed Hypertext Document 3.5
.CPI AVCHD Video Clip Information File 4.2
.CPI Codepage Information File 4
.CPIO Unix CPIO Archive 3.8
.CPK CRI Middleware Package 4.7
.CPK DTM Test Log File 4.6
.CPL Windows Control Panel Item 4.7
.CPMZ Miradi/ConPro Project File 3.5
.CPN Age of Mythology Campaign File 4
.CPP C++ Source Code File 4.7
.CPR Cubase Project 4.2
.CPR Windows Phone Display Settings File 4
.CPR Adobe Captivate Preferences File 3.7
.CPR CPC Plus Cartridge 3.6
.CPS The Powder Toy Save File 4.2
.CPS Captivate Styles File 4
.CPS Corel Photo House File 4
.CPT Corel Photo-Paint Document 4.2
.CPT Ccrypt Encrypted Archive 4
.CPT Compact Pro Archive 4
.CPT DTS Compact Audio File 3.5
.CPT Pocket Slides Presentation 3
.CPTM Captivate Theme File 4
.CPTX Adobe Captivate Project File 4
.CPVC Adobe Captivate Video Composition 4
.CPX Oracle ADF Binding Context File 4.7
.CPX Rise of Rome Campaign File 4
.CPX Corel CMX Compressed File 3.5
.CPY 3ds Max Copy Track File 4
.CPY eCopy Desktop File 3.5
.CR2 Canon Raw Image File 4.5
.CR2 Poser Character Rigging File 4.3
.CRAM Compressed Alignment File 4
.CRASH Mac OS X Crash Log File 4.1
.CRC Total Commander Checksum File 4.5
.CRD Guitar Tabs 4.2
.CRD Windows CardSpace File 4
.CRDOWNLOAD Chrome Partially Downloaded File 4.7
.CRDS Windows CardSpace Backup File 3.6
.CREV Adobe Captivate Commentable SWF File 4
.CRF Cal3D Binary Materials File 4
.CRL Certificate Revocation List File 4.7
.CROP Crick Software Options File 4.2
.CRP Cities: Skylines Colossal Raw Asset Package 4.8
.CRT Security Certificate 4.7
.CRTR MultiAd Creator Pro Document 3.8
.CRTX Office 2007 Chart Template File 4.3
.CRV VCarve Pro Design File 3.9
.CRWL Windows Crawl File 3.6
.CRX Chrome Extension 4.5
.CRY CryENGINE Map File 4.3
.CRYPT WhatsApp Encrypted Dastabase File 4.2
.CRYPT5 WhatsApp Encrypted Database File 3.8
.CRYPT6 WhatsApp Encrypted Database File 4.2
.CRYPT7 WhatsApp Encrypted Database File 4.2
.CRYPT8 WhatsApp Encrypted Database File 4.2
.CRYPTED WinOptimizer Encrypted File 3.5
.CRZ Compressed Poser Character Rigging File 4.5
.CS Visual C# Source Code File 4.8
.CS CLEO Custom Script 4.6
.CS ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme 3.8
.CSA PNA Code Calset File 3.8
.CSAPLAN SPSS Analysis Plan File 3.3
.CSD Steam Game Data Backup File 4.7
.CSD Compact Shared Document 4.3
.CSD Manga Studio Scene File 3.5
.CSF Adobe Color Settings File 4.5
.CSF GeoMedia Coordinate System File 4.2
.CSF Content Sealed Format 4
.CSF Cal3D Binary Skeleton File 3.8
.CSH Photoshop Custom Shapes File 4.7
.CSH Cubase Waveform File 4.5
.CSH C Shell Script 4.5
.CSHTML ASP.NET Razor Web Page 4.5
.CSI ContentServ Include File 3.8
.CSI EdLog Program Data File 3.5
.CSKIN CD Art Display Skin File 3.8
.CSM Steam Game Backup File 4.5
.CSM Character Studio Marker File 4.3
.CSN Adobe Code Snippet Document 4
.CSO Compressed ISO Disk Image 4.7
.CSO Compiled Shader Object File 4.6
.CSP Caché Server Page 4
.CSP Concept Server Page 3.6
.CSPROJ Visual Studio C# Project 4.7
.CSR Certificate Signing Request File 4.1
.CSS Cascading Style Sheet 4.8
.CST Manga Studio Story File 4.2
.CST Director External Cast File 3.5
.CST Gary Gadget Plug-in 3.3
.CST ContentServ Template 3.2
.CST Canvas Custom Set File 3.2
.CSV Comma Separated Values File 4.2
.CSX Visual C# Script 4.2
.CSY Canvas Symbol File 3.8
.CT Cheat Engine Cheat Table 4.7
.CT Scitex Continuous Tone File 4.6
.CTB AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File 4.1
.CTC Visual Studio Command Table Configuration File 3.5
.CTF WhereIsIt Catalog File 4.2
.CTF AVG Update Control File 3.8
.CTF Content Transformation File 3.2
.CTG Canon Digital Camera Catalog File 4
.CTL Visual Basic UserControl Object File 4
.CTL StepMania SMZIP Package Description File 3.5
.CTM Star Wars Republic Commando Map File 4.3
.CTM CrazyTalk Model File 3.5
.CTO Visual Studio Binary Command Table Output File 3.8
.CTP CakePHP Template 4.4
.CTP CrazyTalk Project File 4.3
.CTPROJECT CrazyTalk Animator Project File 4
.CTS CrazyTalk Script File 3.5
.CTSYM Visual Studio Command Table Output File 3.5
.CTT Messenger Contact List 4
.CTV Citavi Project 4
.CTV3 Citavi 3 Project File 4
.CTX Valve ICE Encoded Script 4.1
.CTX Visual Basic Control Binary File 3.9
.CTXT BlueJ Context File 4
.CTY SimCity City File 4
.CU CUDA Source Code File 4.5
.CUB Analysis Services Cube File 4.3
.CUB ISIS Cube File 4
.CUB Gaussian Cube File 3.5
.CUBE Gaussian Cube File 4
.CUE Cue Sheet File 4.5
.CUE CDRWIN Cue Sheet 3.6
.CUI Autodesk Custom Workspace File 4.8
.CUIX AutoCAD Custom User Interface File 4.6
.CUL Windows Cursor Library 4
.CUR Windows Cursor 4.7
.CURSORFX CursorFX Theme File 4.7
.CURXPTHEME CursorXP Theme File 4.4
.CV5 Canvas 5 Drawing File 3.5
.CVA HP Systems Software Manager Information File 4.5
.CVA Canvas Sequence Set 3.8
.CVD ClamAV Virus Definitions File 3.7
.CVD Bitdefender Virus Definition File 3.6
.CVG Calamus Vector Graphic File 3.5
.CVI CassiniVision Map Image File 3.5
.CVI Canvas Image File 3.5
.CVN CineVision Encoding Session 4
.CVR Microsoft Crash Report File 4.6
.CVSRC CVS Command File 4
.CVW CaseView Document 3.5
.CVX Canvas Drawing File 4.2
.CW CardWorks Template 4
.CWB Cakewalk Bundle 4
.CWD Nonogram Puzzle File 3.5
.CWK ClarisWorks Document 4.3
.CWP Cakewalk SONAR Project 4.7
.CWS ChordWizard Song 4.2
.CWS Claris Works Template 3.5
.CWT Cakewalk SONAR Template 4.3
.CWT ChordWizard Template 4.2
.CWT ClarisWorks Texture File 3.2
.CWW Crossword Weaver Puzzle File 4
.CWY ChordWizard Style 4
.CX3 CMS Recorded Video File 3.5
.CX5 Clone Manager XML File 3.5
.CXA FMAT Listmode File 4
.CXARCHIVE CrossOver Bottle Archive 4.5
.CXD SimplePCI Data Document 4
.CXF Chemical Exchange Format File 4.2
.CXF Picasa Collage File 4.1
.CXF Cuttlefish Extended Format File 3.2
.CXF Coordinates Export Format 3
.CXP CX-Programmer Project File 4.7
.CXP FMAT Assay File 4.2
.CXR FMAT Plate Results File 4
.CXX C++ Source Code File 4.1
.CYI Clustify Input File 3.5
.CYO Clustify Output File 4
.CYP Home Designer Pro Project File 4.2
.CYS Cytoscape Session File 4.5
.CYS Clustify Summary File 3
.CZD CAD Zone Drawing 3.8
.CZI Carl Zeiss Image Data File 3.8
.CZIP ZipGenius CryptoZip File 4.2
.CZP ClozePro Archive 3.8