Camera Raw Files

Camera raw files contain unprocessed data derived from the camera’s sensor, which is stored in an uncompressed format. There are numerous camera raw formats due to a variety of digital camera sensors. Thus, to open such files, the program should not only support a specific file type but a particular model of the camera the image has been captured with.

Camera raw file extensions include but not limited to .ARW, .DNG, .NEF, .CR2, etc.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.DCR Kodak RAW Image File 4.7
.EIP Enhanced Image Package File 4.2
.SRF Sony RAW Image 4.2
.BAY Casio RAW Image 4.1
.X3F SIGMA X3F Camera RAW File 4.4
.ARI ARRIRAW Image 4.2
.3FR Hasselblad 3F RAW Image 4.6
.FFF Hasselblad RAW Image 4.2
.CR2 Canon Raw Image File 4.5
.ARW Sony Digital Camera Image 4.5
.NEF Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image 4.5
.DNG Digital Negative Image File 4.5
.SRW Samsung RAW Image 4
.SR2 Sony RAW Image 4
.RWL Leica RAW Image 3.9
.RAF Fuji RAW Image File 4.5
.RWZ Rawzor Compressed Image 4.5
.RW2 Panasonic RAW Image 4.4
.RAW Raw Image Data File 4.6
.PEF Pentax Electronic File 3.6
.ORF Olympus RAW File 4.4
.NRW Nikon Raw Image File 4.6
.MRW Minolta Raw Image File 3.9
.MFW Mamiya Camera Raw File 4.2
.MEF Mamiya RAW Image 3.9
.MOS Leaf Camera RAW File 4.2
.J6I Ricoh Camera Image File 3.9
.KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer File 3.8
.K25 Kodak K25 Image 4.5
.IIQ Phase One RAW Image 3.6
.ERF Epson RAW File 4