Developer Files

Developer files are typically used in software development. Common developer file examples are programming project files, code libraries, source code files, and others.

Developer file extensions include but not limited to .JAVA, .C, .CS, etc.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.ARR MultiMedia Fusion Array File 4.3
.CAPX Construct Compressed Project File 4.5
.RB Real Studio Project 3.6
.ISE InstallShield Express Project File 4.7
.XAML XAML File 4.4
.CCN Compressed Multimedia Fusion File 4
.XOML Windows Workflow File 4
.SYM Symbols File 4.2
.RBC Rembo-C Script 4.5
.RBP Real Studio Project File 4
.ISM InstallShield Project File 4.7
.DRF Delphi Resource File 3
.DCR Delphi Component Resource File 4.5
.PLE Messenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File 4
.PL1 PL/I Source Code 4.5
.MV MivaScript File 4
.JSS JAWS Script 3.5
.JCP JCreator Project File 4
.JIC JTAG Indirect Configuration File 4
.JPR JBuilder Project 3.8
.DFM Delphi Form 3.9
.COD Compiled Source Code 4.7
.DPL Delphi Package Library 4.3
.DSP Visual C++ 6 Project 3.9
.DPK Delphi Package 3.8
.INL C++ Inline File 4
.IST InstallShield Project Template File 4
.IDL Interface Definition Language File 4
.HHH Power C Precompiled Header File 3.5
.HANDLEBARS Handlebars Template 3.5
.PCP Windows Installer Patch Creation Properties File 4.5
.PIKA Pika Software Builder Project File 4.8
.JSXINC ExtendScript Included Script File 3.8
.JSH Jsh Script 3
.JSH JAWS Script Header File 3.5
.JL Julia Source Code File 3.5
.JED Xilinx JEDEC Programming File 4.3
.J Java Source File 4.2
.NSL nsL Script 3.5
.NXC Not eXactly C Source Code File 4.2
.OCTEST Xcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle 4.5
.OAT Android Optimized Application File 4
.EQL Embedded SQL File 4
.FTL FreeMarker Template File 4.6
.HXX C++ Source Code Header File 4.2
.HPF High Performance Fortran File 4.5
.HBS Handlebars Template 4.5
.HAML Haml Source Code File 4
.HAL HansaWorld Application Language File 3.5
.DBML Visual Studio OR Design File 4.5
.DBO DarkBASIC Object 4
.DBPROJ Visual Studio Database Project File 4
.EXW Euphoria Source code File 4
.ENTITLEMENTS Mac App Sandboxing Entitlements File 4
.EDML Adobe Extension Data Markup Language Document 4
.MFA Multimedia Fusion Development File 4.8
.CTO Visual Studio Binary Command Table Output File 3.8
.CD Visual Studio Class Diagram 4.7
.COB COBOL Source Code File 4
.CC C++ Source Code File 4.4
.CBL COBOL Source Code File 3.8
.ALX Alpha Five Library Index File 3.5
.CCP CodeCharge Studio Page File 4
.CTP CakePHP Template 4.4
.CAPROJ Construct Project File 4.5
.CTL Visual Basic UserControl Object File 4
.CCS CCS Script File 3.5
.CCS CodeCharge Studio Project File 4
.CAP Construct Game Development File 3.9
.FXL FaceFX Language File 4
.FBZ7 Compressed FinalBuilder 7 Project 4
.EDMX ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer File 4.5
.CDX Alpha Five Table Index File 3
.CDXML Cmdlet Definition XML File 3.5
.FPT Alpha Five Table Memo File 3.5
.DDX Alpha Five Data Dictionary Index File 3.2
.JSFL Flash JavaScript File 4.5
.JSPF Java Server Page Fragment 4.8
.GPJ jGRASP Project File 3
.GPJ MULTI IDE Project File 4.2
.GLS GLScript Game Script 3.5
.GLD MPLAB C Compiler Linker Script File 4
.GEM RubyGems Package 4.7
.CVSRC CVS Command File 4
.CXX C++ Source Code File 4.1
.CSN Adobe Code Snippet Document 4
.CFC ColdFusion Component File 4
.DBA CryENGINE Animation Database File 3.5
.CP Captivate Source File 4.7
.ERB Ruby ERB Script 4.7
.RB Ruby Source Code 4
.CAR Brew Component Application Resource File 3.5
.EXP Symbols Export File 4.2
.DOX Doxygen Documentation File 3.4
.DOX Visual Basic Binary UserDocument 4
.DEF Module-Definition File 4.8
.DOB Visual Basic UserDocument 4.4
.CPP C++ Source Code File 4.7
.CSPROJ Visual Studio C# Project 4.7
.CP Xcode C++ Source File 4.5
.CMA OCaml Library 3.5
.B BuRg3r Definition File 4.7
.BUR BuRg3r Source Code File 3.2
.BTN AutoPlay Media Studio Button File 4.2
.BSH BeanShell Script 3.8
.PM Perl Module 4.2
.PL Prolog Source Code File 4.2
.PL Perl Script 4.5
.PDM VB Project Information File 4
.GBS Generic Build Support Metadata File 4.3
.BYTES Binary Text Asset Data File 3.6
.VBP Visual Basic Project File 4.8
.B BASIC Source File 4.7
.BASEX BaseX Data File 4.2
.BUILDPATH Eclipse Build Path File 3.8
.BAS BASIC Source Code File 4.2
.BS2 BASIC Stamp 2 Code File 4
.BBC BBC BASIC Data File 4.5
.BB Blitz Source Code File 4
.BET BETA Source File 4.7
.VBPROJ Visual Studio Visual Basic Project 4.7
.RES Windows Resource File 4.5
.RES C++ Complied Resource Script 4.5
.R Ratfor Source Code File 3.3
.R REBOL Script 3.5
.R Rez Source Code File 3.8
.R R Script File 4.4
.FRM Visual Basic Text Form 4.2
.BUILDSETTING Twixl Publisher Builder Build Setting 4
.BPG Borland Project Group 3.5
.AXE Annotated XML Example File 3.8
.XSD XML Schema Definition 4.5
.VB Visual Basic Project Item File 4.7
.DSK Borland Project Desktop File 4.2
.CLS Program Class File 4.2
.CAF CryENGINE Character Animation File 4.1
.DTD Document Type Definition File 4.5
.BLUEJ BlueJ Package File 4.7
.BDSPROJ Borland Developer Studio Project 4
.POD Perl POD File 3.6
.BSC Visual Studio Source Browser Information File 3.8
.BBPROJECTD BBEdit Project Document 4.5
.BBPROJECT BBEdit Project File 4
.CST ContentServ Template 3.2
.CBA CryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File 3.5
.BCP Borland C++ Makefile 4
.APPLET Eclipse Java Applet Policy File 4.5
.ALM Alpha Five Library 4.3
.APPXSYM Windows 8 App Package Symbols File 4.2
.ADBLOCK Alpha Five Library Temporary File 3.8
.ADA Ada Source Code 3.5
.ASDB Asphyre Sphinx Archive File 4.2
.APA RSView Development Project Archive 4.7
.AWK AWK Script 4
.MD Markdown Documentation File 4.5
.MARKDOWN Markdown Documentation File 4.7
.MOD Fortran Module File 4.2
.MDOWN Markdown File 4.2
.MD Machine Description File 3.5
.KDMP Windows Crash Dump File 4.3
.BRX BREW Application Resource File 4
.BPL Borland Package Library 4.2
.AUTOPLAY AutoPlay Media Studio Project File 4
.ASVF Asphyre Sphinx Archive File 4.5
.ASX Alpha Five Library Temporary Index File 3.6
.ASM Visual Studio Assembler Source Code File 4.2
.ASM Assembly Language Source Code File 4.4
.ASI Alpha Five Variable File 4.6
.ASCS ActionScript Communication Server File 3.5
.AS3PROJ FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File 4.5
.AS2PROJ FlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File 4.5
.ARTPROJ Artifacts Project 4
.ART Artifacts Artifact File 3.5
.ARSC Android Package Resource File 4.6
.APS Visual C++ Resource File 4.3
.APR Apadana Project File 3.5
.APPX Windows 8 App Package 4.3
.APPXUPLOAD Windows 8 App Upload Package 3.9
.APPEX OS X Application and System Extension File 3.5
.AP_ ADT Android Developer Package 4.2
.ANE Adobe AIR Native Extension 4.5
.AML Abstract Markup Language 3.9
.AML Arc Macro Language File 4.1
.AM7 AutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project 4.3
.AM6 AutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project 4
.AM5 AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File 4
.AM4 AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File 4
.ALP AnyLogic Project File 4.4
.ALB Alpha Five Library 3.8
.AIDL Android Interface Definition Language File 4.2
.AIA MIT App Inventor Source Code File 4.3
.AGI Asterisk Gateway Interface File 4.2
.ADS Ada Specification File 4.5
.ADDIN Visual Studio Add-in Definition File 4
.ADB Ada Body File 4.3
.ACT DS Game Maker Action File 3.2
.ACP EditPlus Auto-Completion File 3.5
.ACD RSLogix 5000 Program 3.7
.FLA Adobe Flash Animation 4.5
.AS AngelScript File 3.5
.AS ActionScript File 4.4
.ABC ABC Source File 3.9
.ABC ActionScript Byte Code File 4.5
.AB Applix Builder File 3
.AU3 AutoIt v3 Script 4.5
.A3X Compiled AutoIt v3 Script 3.2
.ASC ActionScript Communication File 4.2
.A2W Alice World 4.3
.A Static Library 4
.4TH Forth Language File 3.5
.FORTH Forth Language File 4
.001 Multimedia Fusion Backup File 4.2
.$01 DOS Pipe File 4.2
.YML2 YML Script 4.3
.V Coq Source Code File 3.9
.V Verilog Source Code File 4.5
.CDF CryENGINE Character Definition File 4.2
.MPR FoxPro Generated Menu Program 4.2
.SSC SourceSafe Status File 4
.DBPRO DarkBASIC Professional Project File 4
.DBA DarkBASIC Source Code File 3.5
.CONFIG Configuration File 4.5
.Y Yacc Source File 4.2
.CLASS Java Class File 4.7
.JAVA Java Source Code File 4.6
.PJX FoxPro Project 4
.RSS Symbian Application Resource File 3.5
.HS Haskell Script 4.2
.LIT Literate Haskell Script 3.8
.LHS Literate Haskell Script 4.2
.KB C++ Keyboard Script 4.2
.4DB 4th Dimension Database Structure File 4.3
.LIT Lit Source Code File 3.2
.CS Visual C# Source Code File 4.8
.C Lite-C Script 4.2
.C C/C++ Source Code File 4.6
.XCSNAPSHOTS Xcode Snapshot 4
.XCARCHIVE Xcode Archive 4
.X Lex Source Code File 4.3
.XCAPPDATA Xcode App Data File 4.5
.XQL XML Query Language File 4
.XQUERY XQuery Source Code File 3.5
.XPP X++ Source Code File 4
.XCWORKSPACE Xcode Workspace File 3.6
.XQM XQuery Module 4
.XCCONFIG Xcode Configuration Settings File 3.8
.XOJO_PROJECT Xojo Project File 4
.XT Xdebug Trace File 4.8
.XOJO_XML_MENU Xojo XML Menu File 3.5
.XOJO_WINDOW Xojo Window File 3.5
.XOJO_BINARY_WINDOW Xojo Binary Window File 3.5
.XOJO_TOOLBAR Xojo Toolbar File 3.5
.XCDATAMODEL Xcode Core Data Model File 3.5
.XBF XAML Binary File 4.6
.XOJO_BINARY_TOOLBAR Xojo Binary Toolbar File 3.5
.XOJO_BINARY_MENU Xojo Binary Menu File 3.5
.XOJO_XML_TOOLBAR Xojo Toolbar File 3.2
.XOJO_XML_WINDOW Xojo XML Window File 3.5
.XCODE Xcode Project 4.2
.XQY XQuery Source File 3.5
.XSX Visual Studio XML Schema Layout File 4.1
.YML YAML Document 4.8
.YMP YaST Metapackage File 4.3
.YPR BYOB Project File 4.2
.XIB Interface Builder File 4.5
.XOJO_MENU Xojo Menu File 4
.XOJO_BINARY_PROJECT Xojo Binary Project File 4
.XOJO_XML_PROJECT Xojo XML Project File 4
.YAML YAML Document 4.2
.YAB Yabasic Source Code 3.5
.XCDATAMODELD Xcode Core Data Model File 4
.VSCT Visual Studio Command Table 4.2
.VALA Vala Source Code File 3.8
.WSC Windows Script Component 4
.VAR Variable Data 3.8
.VIC ViziGen Code Import Mappings File 4.2
.VPC ViziGen Configuration File 3.8
.WDL World Definition Language Script 4
.VAC Oc2.316s Cakit File 4
.VSPF Visual Studio Performance Filter File 3.5
.WINMD Windows Metadata File 3.8
.WORKSHEET BBEdit Shell Worksheet File 4.2
.WDGT Adobe Captivate Widget File 4
.VSZ Visual Studio Wizard File 4
.WOWPROJ AddOn Studio Project File 4.2
.WIXPROJ WiX Project File 4.5
.V12.SUO Visual Studio 2013 Solution User Options File 4.5
.V11.SUO Visual Studio 2012 Solution User Options File 4.5
.VSPS Visual Studio Serialized Performance Report 4
.VCX Visual Fox Pro Class Library 3.5
.VSPX Visual Studio Performance Report Data File 3.5
.WSP SharePoint Solution Package 4.2
.WORKSPACE Code::Blocks Workspace File 4.3
.XCODEPROJ Xcode Project 4
.WXI WiX Include File 4
.W OpenEdge Architect Source Code File 4.2
.XQ XQuery File 4.8
.VC Verge Code File 4.7
.VGC ViziGen Code Generation Template 3.5
.XAP XACT Project 4.7
.WIXMST WiX Transform File 4
.WIXMSP WiX XML Patch File 4
.VDM VDM Specification File 4.3
.WIXPDB WiX Debug File 4
.VDM VEDIT Macro File 4.2
.WIXOUT WiX XML Output File 4
.WIXOBJ WiX Object File 3.5
.WXS WiX Source File 4
.WXL WiX Localization File 3.8
.VBG Visual Basic Project Group File 4.3
.WIXLIB WiX Library File 4
.VBZ Visual Basic Project Template 4
.XAMLX Visual Studio Workflow Service File 4.5
.VBX Visual Basic Custom Control 4.7
.VC4 Visual C++ 4 File 3.5
.VSSSCC Visual Studio Solution Source Control File 4.2
.W32 Win32 Makefile 4.5
.WID Visual Studio Widget File 3.5
.VSPSCC Visual Studio Project Source Control File 4
.WDP Windev Project File 4
.WDGTPROJ Dashcode Widget Project 4
.WIQ Visual Studio Work Item Query File 3.8
.WPW WinDev Mobile Window File 4
.VHDL VHDL Source File 3.5
.WDW WinDev Window File 4
.VCXPROJ Visual C++ Project 4.5
.VTM Visual Tool Markup Language Document 4.5
.TEXTFACTORY BBEdit Text Factory 4
.TMPROJ TextMate Project File 4
.VCPROJ Visual C++ Project File 4.5
.TMPROJECT TextMate Project 4
.VHD VHDL Source File 4.5
.VDPROJ Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Project 4.6
.TCC C++ Source Code File 4.2
.TIPROGRAM TI-Basic Program File 3.5
.TT Visual Studio Text Template 4
.TESTRUNCONFIG Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File 4
.TESTSETTINGS Visual Studio Test Settings File 4
.TLH Typelib Generated C/C++ Header File 4
.TLI Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File 4
.VM Velocity Template 4.3
.TWIG Twig Template 4.2
.VSMACROS Visual Studio Binary Macro Project 4
.TPX Turbo Pascal 7 Unit 3.3
.VSMDI Visual Studio Test Metadata File 4
.VTV Adobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration File 3.8
.VSMPROJ Visual Studio Text Macro Project 4
.VCP eMbedded Visual C++ Project File 3.5
.VSP Visual Studio Performance Report File 3.5
.VTML Visual Tool Markup Language File 4
.VDP Visual Studio Deployment Project 4.2
.VSHOST.EXE Visual Studio Hosting Process File 4
.VSL Velocity Template File 3.8
.TLD Tag Library Descriptor File 4
.TNS TI-Nspire Document 3.4
.TMLANGUAGE TextMate Language Grammar File 4
.TUR Turing Program Source File 3.5
.TU Turing Source File 4
.T Turing Source Code File 4.1
.UML UML Data Object Model 4.2
.TDS Turbo Debugger Symbols File 4
.TCL Tcl Script 4.2
.TK Tk Script 4
.TARGETS MSBuild Targets File 4.2
.TPU Turbo Pascal Unit 4
.UI User Interface File 4.5
.UFT Torque Font Cache File 3.5
.UMLCLASS UML Class Model 3.5
.TMPL BlueJ Default Template 3.5
.SAS SAS Program File 4.2
.SVN-BASE Subversion Base File 3.7
.SUO Visual Studio Solution User Options File 4.8
.SWD Flash Debug File 4.2
.S Source Code File 4.7
.SUP Super Project Definition File 4.1
.SSI Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File 4.5
.SET Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary File 4.7
.SB Scratch Project File 4.7
.SB Small Basic Source Code File 4
.S19 Motorola S19 File Record 4.8
.SUD Super Project Analyzer File 3.5
.SDL Service Description Language File 4.3
.SC SuperCollider Source Code File 4.3
.SB2 Scratch 2.0 Project File 4.7
.SO Shared Library 4.3
.SRC.RPM Red Hat Package Manager Source File 4
.SNIPPET Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet 4
.SLOGO StarLogo Project File 4
.SLTNG StarLogo TNG Project File 4.2
.SCALA Scala Source Code File 4
.SMF SkinMagic Toolkit File 3.5
.SPT Cypress Semiconductor Script 3.5
.SPT ESPL Programming File 3.5
.SWC Flex Components Archive 4.5
.SED Sed Script 3.2
.SS SilverStripe Source Code File 3.9
.SCC SourceSafe Source Code Control File 4.4
.SMALI Android Smali Assembly Language File 4.3
.SQLPROJ Visual Studio SQL Server Project 4
.SPEC RPM Specification File 4
.SBPROJ OpenGL Shader Builder Project 4
.STORYBOARD Interface Builder Storyboard Document 4.4
.TS TypeScript File 4
.SMA AMX Mod Plugin Source File 4.7
.SCRIPTTERMINOLOGY AppleScript Script Terminology File 4
.SCRIPTSUITE AppleScript Script Suite File 4
.TRX Visual Studio Test Results File 4.7
.RBVCP Real Studio Version Controlled Project 3
.RDOC_OPTIONS Ruby Document Options File 3
.REX Rexx Source File 4
.RODL RemObjects Definition Language File 4
.RESW Windows Resources File 4
.RU Java Russian Font Properties File 4.3
.SLN Visual Studio Solution File 4.5
.SH Bash Shell Script 4.5
.RAV Rave Reports Project File 4.5
.SWIFT Swift Source Code File 4.2
.RESJSON Windows JavaScript Resources File 4
.RC2 Visual Studio Resources File 4.2
.RS Rust Source Code File 4.3
.RUL InstallShield Rules File 4.5
.RC Resource Script 4.5
.SRC Source Code 3.9
.RSRC Macintosh Resource File 4
.RNC RELAX NG Compact Syntax File 3.8
.RBW Ruby Script 4.5
.RBW Real Studio Window File 3.5
.SDEF AppleScript Dictionary Document 4.5
.RESX .NET Managed Resources File 4.5
.ROTESTRESULT RemObjects SDK Test Results File 3.5
.REXX Rexx Source File 4.5
.RWSNIPPET RapidWeaver Snippet File 3.5
.RKT Racket Source Code File 4.2
.RLS Symbian Localization File 3.5
.RBM Real Studio Menu File 3.5
.RPY Python Script 4.5
.RDOC Ruby Document 3.5
.RESOURCES Visual Studio Resource File 4.5
.RDLC Visual Studio Client Report Definition File 4
.ROTEST RemObjects SDK Test File 3.5
.RBXS ROBLOX Script 4.2
.RISE RISE Editor Model File 4
.REB REBOL Script File 3.8
.REFRESH Visual Studio Refresh File 4
.PBJ Pixel Bender Bytecode File 4.5
.QPR FoxPro Generated Query Program 4.7
.PCH Precompiled Header File 3.5
.PRG xBase Program File 3.6
.PRG RAPID Program File 3.5
.PRG Visual FoxPro Program File 3.3
.PRG RPG Toolkit Program File 3.2
.PYD Python Dynamic Module 4.6
.PH Perl Header File 4.3
.QML QT Meta Language File 3.9
.QX Quexal Source Code 3.5
.PXI Pyrex Include File 3.5
.PWN Pawn Source Code File 4.6
.PAW Paw Document 4
.PPC Mobile Data Studio Project File 4
.PSC Papyrus Script 4
.POT Portable Object File 4.3
.PBK Pixel Bender Kernel File 4
.P3D Panda3D Multifile 4
.PBG Pixel Bender Graph File 4
.PC Pro*C Source Code File 4.2
.PLI PL/I Source Code File 4
.PLC PL/B Source File 4
.PYW Python GUI Source File 4.8
.PXD Pyrex Definition File 4
.PATCH Patch File 4.5
.PRI Qt Project Include File 4.5
.PRI Windows Compiled Resources File 4
.PB PureBasic Source File 4.8
.PDE Processing Development Environment Source Code File 4.2
.PDE Arduino Sketch 4.1
.PYX Pyrex Source Code File 4
.PKGDEF Visual Studio Shell File 4
.PKGUNDEF Visual Studio Shell File 4
.PTL Rational Rose Petal File 4
.PO Portable Object 4.5
.PBXBTREE Xcode Auto-Complete File 4
.P Python Pickle File 4.2
.P Pascal Source Code 3.6
.OCA Custom Control Library Type File 4.2
.OWL OWL Source Code File 4.7
.OB2 Oberon-2 Source Code File 3.5
.OS ObjectScript Source File 4.2
.ORDEREDTEST Visual Studio Ordered Test File 3.5
.NIM Nim Source Code File 4.2
.OXYGENE Oxygene Project File 3.5
.OW Free Pascal 1.0.x Object File 4
.PY Python Script 4.7
.NSI NSIS Script 3.6
.PRO Qt Project File 4.3
.NSH NSIS Header File 3.8
.PAS Delphi Unit Source File 4.7
.PAS Pascal Source File 4.3
.OCX ActiveX Control 4.5
.PLAYGROUND Xcode Playground File 4.5
.NQC Not Quite C Source Code File 4
.NCB Visual C++ IntelliSense Database 4
.PBXPROJ Xcode Project Data File 3.9
.PROTO Protocol Buffer File 4.4
.PBXUSER Xcode Project User Data File 4.8
.OSC Obix Source Code File 3.5
.NED OMNeT++ Network Description File 4
.PSM1 Windows PowerShell Script Module File 4.5
.NBC Next Byte Codes Source Code File 4.2
.NVV NVIDIA Vertex Shader File 4
.NW Node-Webkit App Package 4
.NK NUKE Script 4
.NEKO Neko Source Code File 4
.NUPKG NuGet Package 4.1
.NFM Delphi .NET Form File 4
.NUSPEC NuGet Specification File 4.5
.NLS NetLogo Source File 4.5
.ODL Object Description Language File 4
.OMO OMake Object File 4
.O Compiled Object File 4.6
.MO Machine Object File 4.5
.MK Makefile 4.5
.MDZIP MagicDraw Project Archive 4
.MSL Mapping Specification Language File 4
.MLB Visual FoxPro Library 3.5
.MSHA Microsoft Help Asset File 4
.MSHI Microsoft Help Index File 4.5
.MYAPP Visual Studio Application XML File 4.5
.MSHC Microsoft Help Container File 4.5
.MAKE Xcode Makefile Script 3.2
.MQ5 MQL5 Source Code File 4
.MODE2V3 Xcode Project Data File 3.5
.MODE1V3 Xcode Project Data File 3.2
.MCP CodeWarrior Project 4.4
.NIB Interface Builder User Interface File 4.7
.MRT Stimulsoft Report File 4
.MM Objective-C++ Source File 4.2
.MSP MaxScript Page File 4
.MER RSView Development Runtime File 4.2
.MF Java Manifest File 4.6
.MAGIK Magik Source Code File 3.5
.ML ML Source Code File 4.5
.MAK Makefile 3.8
.MSS Microprocessor Software Specification File 4.5
.MOM Managed Object Model 4.5
.MXML Flex MXML Component 4.5
.MED RSView Development Project 3.5
.M4 Macro Processor Library 4.7
.LUCIDSNIPPET Lucid Snippet File 3.5
.M MATLAB Source Code File 4.2
.M Objective-C Implementation File 4.2
.M Mercury Source Code File 3.5
.LIVECODE LiveCode Stack File 4.2
.JPD Java Process Definition 3.5
.LTB LithTech Binary File 4
.JNILIB JNI Library 4.2
.JAV Java Source File 4.7
.LSPROJ Visual Studio LightSwitch Project 4
.LISP Lisp Source Code File 3.8
.L Lex Source File 4
.LXSPROJ Liquid XML Studio Project File 4
.LICENSES Visual Studio Licensed Classes File 4
.LPROJ Localized Project Folder 3.8
.LIS VAX Program Listing 3.8
.LNT PC-lint/FlexeLint Configuration File 4.2
.LBS Omnis Library 4.5
.KDEVELOP KDevelop Project Data File 4
.LUC Compiled Lua Source File 4
.LBI Dreamweaver Library Item 4
.KPL Kids Programming Language File 4
.LDS Binutils LD Linker Script 4
.KV Kivy Language File 4.7
.LICX Visual Studio License File 4
.LGO Logo Instructions File 4.5
.KDEVPRJ KDevelop Project File 4.5
.LIST JAR Index File 3.5
.JPX JBuilder Project 3.3
.LSP Lisp Program Source Code File 4.2
.KDEVDLG KDevelop Dialog Box File 3
.LUA Lua Source File 4.5
.LOL LOLCODE Source Code FIle 4.2
.LRDB Photoshop Lightroom Database 3.5
.LRF Microsoft Linker Response File 4.3
.HRL Erlang Header File 3.5
.HYDRA Hydra Image Filter Program File 3.5
.HCF Compact Ham Library 3
.INC Include File 4.2
.IWS IntelliJ IDEA Web Page 4
.IML IntelliJ IDEA Module 4.5
.GM GameMonkey Script 4.2
.GLOBAL Global Makefile 3
.H C/C++/Objective-C Header File 4.2
.HPP C++ Header File 4.7
.IPR InstallShield Professional Project File 4.5
.IWZ InstallShield Express 2 Project File 3.5
.IPR IntelliJ IDEA Project File 4.2
.IPP Inline Guard Macro File 3.2
.I Visual Studio Intermediate File 4.6
.I INTERCAL Source File 4.2
.ISC Xilinx Device Configuration File 3.5
.HAS Haskell Script 4
.HH C++ Header File 3.8
.ICONSET Mac OS X Icon Set Folder 4.5
.IWB IWBasic Source Code File 4
.IDT Windows Installer Database Text Archive File 4.5
.IPCH Intellisense Precompiled Header File 4.3
.ILK Incremental Linking File 4.5
.IDB Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File 4.2
.INO Arduino Sketch File 4.5
.GED Game Editor Project File 3.5
.FXPL Adobe Flash FXP Library 4
.GFAR Greenfoot Archive 4.5
.FRAMEWORK Mac OS X Application Framework 4.2
.GVY Groovy Source Code File 3.5
.GBM Gameboy Map File 3.5
.GML Game Maker Language File 4.2
.GS Google Apps Script 4.4
.GBAP GLBasic Project File 3.5
.GMK Game Maker Project File 4.6
.GAR GridGain Archive 3.5
.GROUPPROJ Delphi Project Group File 4.5
.GBAS GLBasic Source File 3.5
.GLADE Glade Project File 4.2
.FRX Visual Basic Binary Form File 4.3
.FRX FoxPro Report 3.5
.F Fortran Source Code 4.4
.FXC FilePackager Configuration 4.7
.GDFMAKERPROJECT GDF Editor Project File 3.5
.FOR Fortran 77 Source File 4.5
.GM81 Game Maker 8.1 Project File 4.4
.F90 Fortran 90 Source Code File 4
.GBR Gameboy Tileset File 3.5
.FBP wxFormBuilder Project 4.5
.GMX GameMaker File 4.6
.FGL Fifth Generation Language Source File 4
.FPM FPS Creator Map File 4.2
.GITATTRIBUTES Git Attributes File 4.5
.FEATURE SharePoint Feature File 3.5
.F95 Fortran 95 Source Code File 3.5
.GCH Precompiled Header File 3.5
.FSL Form•Z Script 4.2
.GSZIP GameSalad Marketplace Asset File 4
.GAMEPROJ GameSalad Project File 4
.GITIGNORE Git Ignore File 4.2
.GSPROJ GameSalad Windows Project File 4.6
.FBP7 FinalBuilder 7 Project 3.5
.GREENFOOT Greenfoot Project Archive 4
.FPP Fortran Source Code 4.3
.GROOVY Groovy Source Code File 4
.GEMSPEC Gem Specification File 4
.GS3 GameStarter File 4
.GMO GNU Machine Object File 4
.GMD Game Maker Program Code 3.3
.GORM Gorm Interface Resource File 4
.FCE ForeUI Custom Element File 3.5
.FCL ForeUI Custom Library File 3.5
.FRJ FreeForm-J Project File 3.5
.FILTERS Visual C++ Project Filters File 4.5
.GM6 Game Maker 6 Project File 4
.F2K Fortran Source Code File 3
.FIMPP FiM++ Source Code File 4
.FXCPROJ FX Composer Project File 4
.GO Go Source Code File 4.5
.EXL JSDAI Inclusion or Exclusion List 3.3
.ELC Emacs Compiled Lisp File 3.5
.EDM Adobe Extension Data Markup Language File 3.5
.EL Emacs Lisp Code File 4.2
.FSPROJ Visual F# Project File 4.8
.FSPROJ FireStarter Project File 4
.FSX Visual F# Script File 4.5
.FS Visual F# Source File 4.3
.ERL Erlang Source Code File 4.5
.FSSCRIPT Visual F# Script 4
.FSI Visual F# Signature File 4
.ENT External Entity 3.8
.EX Euphoria Source Code 4.5
.DYLIB Mach-O Dynamic Library 3.6
.FD DataFlex Data File 3.5
.FXML FXML Source Code File 4.5
.DEFS BlueJ Settings File 3.5
.DDM Alpha Five Data Dictionary Memo File 4.2
.DEV Dev-C++ Project File 4.5
.DDP Delphi Diagram Portfolio File 3.5
.DOCSET Doxygen Document Set File 3.2
.DEVELOPERPROFILE Xcode Developer Profile 3.5
.FTN Fortran Source Code File 4
.EBA Emergence BASIC Source Code File 3.5
.DEP Windows Dependency File 4.2
.ECP EasyC Project File 3.5
.DPKW Delphi Package 4
.DEC Declaration File 4.1
.DF1 Omnis Native Datafile 4
.DCPROJ Dashcode Project 4.5
.DCP Delphi Compiled Package 4.5
.DPR Delphi Project 4.2
.DEX Dalvik Executable File 4.5
.DCU Delphi Compiled Unit 4
.CTSYM Visual Studio Command Table Output File 3.5
.D D Source Code File 4.3
.CMAKE CMake File 3.5
.DRES Delphi Compiled Resource File 3.5
.DGML Visual Studio Directed Graph Document 4.5
.DGSL Visual Shader Graph File 4
.CTC Visual Studio Command Table Configuration File 3.5
.DM1 ER/Studio Data Model File 4
.DMD SQL Developer Data Modeler File 4.5
.CKBX Cricket Audio XML Bank Description File 3.5
.CCC Dev-C++ Code Completion Cache 3.8
.DIFF Patch File 4
.DEVICEIDS Device Identification FIle 4
.DART Dart Source Code File 4
.DSGM DS Game Maker Project 4
.DPROJ Delphi Project 4.4
.DCUIL Delphi .NET Compiled Unit File 4
.BPR Borland C++Builder Project File 4
.CTXT BlueJ Context File 4
.CXP CX-Programmer Project File 4.7
.CLIPS Coda Clips File 4
.CBP Code::Blocks Project File 4.2
.CU CUDA Source Code File 4.5
.CTX Visual Basic Control Binary File 3.9
.CLW Visual C++ ClassWizard File 4
.CSP Caché Server Page 4
.CCGAME XNA Creators Club Game Package 4
.CSX Visual C# Script 4.2
.CSI ContentServ Include File 3.8
.CSI EdLog Program Data File 3.5