GIS Files

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) files have to do with mapping software and GPS devices. They commonly store maps, waypoints, saved routes, and other data. Such files use open formats allowing easy transfers between different computers as well as GPS devices.

GIS file extensions include but not limited to .LOC, .GPX, .OV2, etc.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.DIX DIVA-GIS Export File 4
.STT Streets & Trips Map Template 4
.EST Streets & Trips Map File 4.2
.SYM TatukGIS Symbols File 3
.SDF Spatial Data Format File 4.3
.DIV DIVA-GIS Project File 4
.PTT MapPoint Map Template 4
.PTM MapPoint Map File 4.1
.JPW World File for JPEG 4
.JNX BirdsEye JNX Raster Map 4
.JPR Fugawi Projection File 3.2
.CVI CassiniVision Map Image File 3.5
.DMF Geosystem Digitals Map File 3.8
.PIX PCI Geomatics Database File 4.7
.JGW JPEG World File 3.6
.JPGW JPEG World File 4.5
.NMAP NaviComputer Map File 3.5
.OCD OCAD Map File 3.8
.NMF ArcGIS Explorer Map File 4.2
.FMV FME Desktop Viewspace File 3.9
.DT0 DTED Level 0 File 4
.MPS Pocket Streets Map File 4
.MXD ArcGIS Map Document 4.8
.MPK ArcGIS Map Package 4.5
.MMM MiraMon Maps File 3.2
.COR Trimble Corrected SSF File 3.3
.FIT Garmin Activity File 3.8
.GSM MapViewer Project File 4.2
.RDF ArcGIS Report Document File 4.2
.CUB ISIS Cube File 4
.BT Binary Terrain File 3.2
.GLB STK Globe File 4.5
.CSF GeoMedia Coordinate System File 4.2
.STYLE ArcGIS Style Manager File 4
.IMG Garmin Map File 3.5
.BPW Bitmap World File 3.5
.AXT Microsoft AutoRoute Template 3.5
.AXE AutoRoute Map File 4.2
.AVL ArcView Legend File 4.5
.AUX Auxiliary File 4.2
.ATX ArcGIS Attribute Index File 4
.AT5 Lowrance Map File 3.8
.AQM AlpineQuest Map File 3.8
.APR ArcView Project File 3.7
.APL ArcPad Layer File 3.5
.ADF ESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid Format 4.3
.SHP ESRI Shapefile 4
.477 MNS Shape Definition Companion File 3
.3DL iGO Landmark File 4.5
.3DD ArcGlobe Document 4
.3DC iGO 3D Building File 4.7
.3D Survex 3D Cavern File 4.3
.MWX MapGuide Author Map Window XML File 4.8
.MAP Mapjects Server Webparts File 3
.KML Keyhole Markup Language File 4.4
.MID MapInfo Data File 3.9
.MIF MapInfo Interchange Format File 4.4
.OV2 TomTom Points of Interest Database 3.8
.GPX GPS Exchange File 4.3
.XOL Swiss Map Overlay 4
.VEC IDRISI Vector File 3
.WFD Wayfinder Map File 3
.WOR MapInfo Workspace File 4
.WLX MapSource Web Link File 4
.WLD ESRI World File 4.2
.TH Therion Data File 3.5
.VDC IDRISI Vector Documentation File 4
.VCT IDRISI Vector Image 4.2
.TPX DeLorme Topo Project File 3.5
.TTKGP TatukGIS Project File 4
.TFW World File for TIFF 4.5
.TFRD Tape Image Format Requirements Document 4.6
.SSF Trimble Standard Storage Format File 4.2
.SXD ArcScene Document 4.2
.SDW MrSID World File 4.2
.SVX Survex Cavern Data File 4
.SLD Styled Layer Descriptor File 4.4
.TAB MapInfo TAB File 4.2
.SMP IDRISI Palette File 4.2
.RST IDRISI Raster Image 3.5
.SBN GT-31 Binary Data File 4.3
.SBN ESRI Spatial Binary File 4.3
.RGN Garmin Regional Map File 4.3
.SAF Street Atlas USA Map File 4.7
.RMP Magellan Raster Map File 4.2
.RRD Reduced Resolution Dataset File 3.5
.REF IDRISI Raster Image Reference File 4.4
.RDC IDRISI Raster Documentation File 3.8
.PRM Route 66 Map File 4.2
.NM2 Navitel Map File 3.5
.NM3 Navitel 5 Map File 3.8
.NGT Noni GPSPlot Track File 3.5
.OSB OpenStreetMap Binary Map File 3.8
.OSM OpenStreetMap Map File 4.2
.PMF ESRI Published Map File 4.4
.NMC ArcGIS Explorer Map Content File 4.5
.OSC OpenStreetMap Change File 4
.NV2 Navionics Chart File 3.6
.MSD Map Service Definition File 4.5
.MDC Merkaartor Document 4
.MXT ArcGIS Map Template 4
.LPK ArcGIS Layer Package 4
.KMZ Google Earth Placemark File 4.3
.HGT SRTM Elevation Data File 4.2
.IMD GIS Image Metadata File 3.5
.IMI Magellan Map File 4
.HDR ESRI BIL Header File 4.3
.GML Geography Markup Language File 4.7
.GPRX Geoxa Project File 3.5
.GSR Golden Software Reference File 3.5
.GSR2 Golden Software Reference File 3.2
.GSI Golden Software Interchange File 4.3
.GPF Geosoft Project File 3.5
.GPS Survey Pro Coordinate File 4
.GSB Golden Software Boundary File 3.8
.GRB GRIB Meteorological Data File 4.2
.FBL iGO Map File 4.1
.GMF Geology Multi-File 3.5
.GMAP Garmin Map File 4
.FLS ArcView GIS Windows Help Supporting File 3
.GWS Geosoft Workspace File 3.5
.GST MapInfo Geoset File 4.2
.GFW GIF World File 3.5
.FMW FME Workbench File 4.8
.ERS ER Mapper Data File 4
.EMBR Spatial Geodatabase File 4.2
.FFS FME Desktop Feature Store File 3.6
.FDS FME Custom Format File 4
.FME FME Mapping File 4
.FMI FME Include File 4
.ETA Google Earth Placemark File 4.2
.E00 ArcInfo Coverage Export File 4.8
.DLG Digital Line Graph 3.6
.DT2 DTED Level 2 File 3.5
.DT1 DTED Level 1 File 4.4
.DMT DeLorme Transfer File 4
.DVC IDRISI Vector Definition File 3
.DEM Digital Elevation Model 4.5