Plugin Files

Plugin files, also known as extensions or add-ons, contain additional features that expand programs’ capabilities. Such files may be used not only by a number of applications but Web browsers as well.

Plugin file extensions include but not limited to .PLUGIN, .VST, .8BI, etc.

File Extension File Type Popularity
.LNG Winamp Language File 4.5
.MOX Montax Imposer Template Document 3.8
.WLZ Winamp Language Pack 4.5
.PFL PhotoFiltre Plugin 4
.IDEPLUGIN Xcode IDE Plug-in 3.8
.OXT Apache OpenOffice Extension 4
.OIV OpenIV Mod Package File 4.6
.FLT Image Filter 3.5
.FLT Adobe Audition Filter 4.7
.DLU 3ds Max Utility Plug-in File 4.2
.EAZ ArcGIS Explorer Add-in File 4.5
.MAT V-Ray Materials File 3.5
.CODAPLUGIN Coda Plug-in 4.2
.COMPONENT Mac OS X System Component 4.2
.FXT Finale Plug-in 4
.LNG Acrobat Language Plug-in 4.2
.CMP HotDocs Clause Component File 4.4
.INX Inkscape Extension Descriptor File 4.5
.CDL ConceptDraw PRO Library File 3.5
.ZXP Extension Manager Package 4.7
.CLEO CLEO Grand Theft Auto Mod File 4.7
.CRX Chrome Extension 4.5
.BLU FileMaker Pro Runtime Extension 4
.BRM Bryce Plug-in File 3.5
.BRI Bryce Plug-in File 3.5
.BMI 3ds Max Plug-in 4.2
.BAV AVG AntiVirus The Bat! Plugin File 4.5
.PLX64 64-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module 4
.PLW 32-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module 4.5
.PLX 32-bit Linux IDA Plugin Module 3.3
.P64 64-bit Windows IDA Plugin Module 4
.AFZPLUG AfterShot Pro Plugin Archive 3.5
.BZPLUG AfterShot Pro Plugin Bundle 4
.SCM GIMP Script-Fu Script 4.5
.BRO Bryce Plug-in 3.5
.XPT Mozilla Firefox Component 4.6
.PLN Adobe InDesign Plug-in 3.5
.BBLM BBEdit Language Module 4
.CST Gary Gadget Plug-in 3.3
.AGMODULE Photoshop Lightroom Module 3.5
.MOD ArchiCAD Module 3.2
.ZLB Form•Z Symbol Library File 4
.BUNDLE Mac OS X Application Bundle 4.5
.BKZ BaKoMa TeX Installation Module 3.5
.AX DirectShow Filter 4.3
.AVX Avid Plugin File 4.7
.AVX ArcView Extension File 4.9
.ATX Animation Master Plugin File 3.5
.ASSETPROJ Camtasia Studio Asset Information File 3.5
.ASI Grand Theft Auto Mod Library 4.8
.ARX AutoCAD Runtime Extension File 4.2
.APLG Audials Plug-in 4
.APLP Audials Plug-in Package 3.8
.APL ACDSee Plugin File 3.5
.API Acrobat Plug-in 4.2
.APE AVS Plugin Effects File 4.4
.APD Eclipse Plugin Descriptor File 4.3
.AMXX AMX Mod X Plugin File 4.7
.AMX AMX Mod Plugin File 4.7
.ALP Ableton Live Pack File 4.2
.AIP Illustrator Plug-in 4.3
.ACROPLUGIN Adobe Acrobat Plug-in 4.7
.ACCDU Access Add-in File 3.5
.ACCDA Access Add-in File 4
.ABI AbiWord Plug-in 3.3
.ABA Avant Browser Add-on File 3.5
.AAUI Acrobat User Interface File 3.8
.AAXPLUGIN Avid Audio eXtension Plugin File 4.8
.8LI Photoshop Scripting Plug-in 4.2
.8BX PhotoDeluxe Plug-in 4
.8BY PhotoDeluxe Plug-in 3.8
.8BS Photoshop 5.0 Selection Plug-in 3.6
.8BL Photoshop Plug-in 3.5
.8BI8 Photoshop Plug-in 3.5
.8BF Filter Factory Image Filter 4.3
.8BF Photoshop Filter Plug-in 4.5
.8BE PhotoDeluxe Plug-in 3
.8BC Photoshop 5.0 Plug-in 3
.8BA Photoshop Plug-in 4.5
.TBP Autodesk Topobase File 3.5
.DBX AutoCAD Database Extension File 3.5
.8BI Photoshop Plug-in 4.3
.VST VST Audio Plugin 4.7
.PLUGIN Mac OS X Plugin 4.2
.PLUGIN Adobe Photoshop Plug-in 4.4
.XNT QuarkXPress Extension File 4
.XLAM Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Add-In 4.2
.X32 Adobe Xtra File 4.3
.XLA Excel Add-In File 4.3
.XMD Bitdefender Plugin File 3.9
.XLV Excel Visual Basic Module 4
.XADD Expression Web Add-in 3.5
.XCPLUGIN Xcode Plug-in 3.5
.XCODEPLUGIN Xcode Plug-in 3.5
.XSIADDON Softimage Add-on File 3.5
.XBA Basic Module File 3.8
.WOWSL WOW Slider 3.8
.VSIX Visual Studio Extension 4.7
.XLL Excel Add-In File 3.8
.XPI Mozilla Installer Package 4.6
.WIE WordPress Widget Export File 4
.WBM Webmin Module 4
.WLL Microsoft Word Add-in 4
.TMBUNDLE TextMate Bundle File 4
.VDF VirtualDub Video Filter 4.2
.VBOX-EXTPACK Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack 4.6
.TPI EDIUS Plugin File 3.5
.TKO AMX Software Module File 4.2
.VSL Visio Add-on 4
.T3X TYPO3 Compressed Extension 4
.SAFARIEXTZ Apple Safari Extension Package 4.5
.SKYPECHATSTYLE Chat Style File 4.4
.SUBLIME-PACKAGE Sublime Text Package File 4.2
.SPD SPSS Custom Dialog File 3.5
.SYN TextPad Syntax File 3.5
.SPARC Skype Plugin Archive 4.5
.RPLIB Axure RP Widget Library File 4
.RHP Rhino Plug-in 4
.Q8R Flood Photoshop Plug-in 3.8
.Q5R Melancholytron Photoshop Plug-in 3
.Q4Q Solar Cell Photoshop Plug-in 3
.Q2Q Flexify Photoshop Plug-in 3.8
.Q1Q LunarCell Photoshop Plug-in 3
.Q9R Glitterato Photoshop Plug-In 3
.Q9S Mr. Contrast Photoshop Plug-In 3
.Q7Q India Ink Photoshop Plug-in 3
.RPM RealPlayer Plug-in 4
.REZ Escape Velocity Plug-in File 4.3
.RWPLUGIN RapidWeaver Plugin 3.5
.RPI Render Plug-in 3.2
.RPLN InDesign Required Plug-in File 3.5
.RBZ SketchUp Plug-in 4.7
.REV LiveCode Plugin 3.2
.ROCK Rockbox Plug-in 3.5
.QTX QuickTime Extension 4.2
.QTR QuickTime Extension Resource 4
.QPX QuickTime Player Extension 3
.QLGENERATOR Quick Look Generator File 3.5
.PPAM PowerPoint 2007 Add-In 3.8
.QAR QlikView Extension 3.2
.PIM Pro Tools Controller Plug-in Mappings File 4.2
.PRM Premiere Plug-in 4.2
.PPA PowerPoint Add-in 4
.P LightWave Plug-in 3.9
.NET FileMaker Networking Module 4.2
.OEX Opera Extension 4.5
.OSAX AppleScript Scripting Addition 4.2
.NBM NetBeans Module 4.2
.NY Audacity Nyquist Plug-in 4.2
.MXP Adobe Extension Package 4
.MTX MadTracker 2 Extension 4.7
.MODULE Drupal Module File 4.3
.MODE Coda Syntax Mode File 4
.M2P Maxthon 2 Browser Plugin File 3.8
.MDA Access Add-in 4.5
.MFW MobileFrame Workflow Pack File 3.5
.NBP NeoBook Plugin File 4.2
.MMIP MediaMonkey Installation Package 4.5
.MXADDON Maxthon Add-On File 4
.MDE Compiled Access Add-in File 4.4
.MDE ArchiCAD Educational Version Module File 4
.MILK MilkDrop Winamp Plugin Preset 4.7
.MFX Multimedia Fusion Extension 4
.JSXBIN Binary ExtendScript Script File 4.4
.LRPLUGIN Photoshop Lightroom Plug-in 4
.LRMODULE Photoshop Lightroom Module 4
.KMM K-Meleon Macro Module 4
.LRWEBENGINE Photoshop Lightroom Web Gallery File 3.2
.HVPL iTunes Visual Plug-in File 3.5
.IADPAGE iAd Producer Plugin Page Template 3.5
.IADSTYLE iAd Producer Plugin Style Template 3.5
.IADCOMPONENT iAd Producer Plugin Component File 3.5
.IADCLASS iAd Producer Plugin Class Description File 3.5
.IADACTION iAd Producer Plugin Action Template 3.5
.IADPLUG iAd Producer Plugin 3.5
.INFO Drupal Module Information File 4
.IBPLUGIN Interface Builder Plug-in 4
.INDESIGNPLUGIN Adobe InDesign Plug-in 3.8
.FWACTIONB Freeway Action Bundle File 4
.FMX FileMaker Plug-in 4.2
.FWACTION Freeway Action File 3.5
.FZIP Foxit Reader Add-on 4.4
.FFT Adobe Audition Noise Print File 3.2
.FMPLUGIN FileMaker Plug-in 4
.EXT Norton Commander Extension 4.1
.EPK2 E-Prime 2.0 Package File 3.5
.EXV Adobe Extension Script 3
.FS Mac OS X File System Plug-in 4
.FSB Form•Z Compiled Script 4.6
.ECF Outlook Add-in 4.6
.FPI Foxit Reader Plugin 3.5
.DLO 3ds Max Plug-in 4
.DVTPLUGIN Xcode DVT Plug-in 3.5
.FZP Form•Z Plug-in 3.5
.DPM Pro Tools Plugin File 3.8
.DFP Fusion Plugin File 4
.COLORPICKER Color Picker Plugin 3.5
.DLR finalRender Plugin 4
.CCIP Curse Client Install Package 4.5